Cyanogen Shuts Down CyanogenMod

Cyanogen Inc. has announced that it’s discontinuing all its CyanogenMod services and Cyanogen-supported nightly builds. However, the Cyanogen team has announced that it’s forking the open source code under the name LineageOS.

For whatever reason it is, I’m quite disappointed with their action to shutdown the project. Back then, OnePlus One powered by CyanogenMod OS build once being the best and hold the title as Flagship Killer for almost two years if I’m not mistaken. As I’m still using the old OnePlus One phone were very confident that current version will be the last version ever.

I don’t care for what LineageOS is all about, just a piece of shit with many devs already left the project behind. Nobody care about it for now. But what to do, life must go on, and here we are. RIP CyanogenMod!

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  1. imnajmi Avatar

    Still remember back when i have my Galaxy s2, probably did a lot of nothing, mingle around the android forum and also and not forget the xda developer forum, try and all everything mod, but when i get older, just want to use standard mod, do not have time to experiment with lots of thing.. (lama tak speak english ni hehe)

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