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  • Cyanogen Shuts Down CyanogenMod

    Cyanogen Inc. has announced that it’s discontinuing all its CyanogenMod services and Cyanogen-supported nightly builds. However, the Cyanogen team has announced that it’s forking the open source code under the name LineageOS. For whatever reason it is, I’m quite disappointed with their action to shutdown the project. Back then, OnePlus One powered by CyanogenMod OS…

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  • OnePlus Two Invitation

    So hari ni gua dpt lg 2 invitation OnePlus Two menjadikan jumlah keseluruhan invitation yg aku dpt 3 kesemuanya.. So malang buat OnePlus sbb sejak Maxis Malaysia amik alih proses jual beli OnePlus Two di Malaysia, ramai yg dpt invitation tp xjd beli sbb ….. kontrak. Tahniah Maxis.! Hihi..

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