How To : Create RSS Feed for Any Youtube Channel

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Everybody knows how Youtube make it difficult on how the updated videos will shows up. Even though YouTube itself doesn’t publish any RSS feeds that we can easily use, you can use this tricks to follow up the new & updated videos for your favorite channel.

  • Visit the channel’s main page. For example, I’ll use this channel.
  • Right-click anywhere and select View page source.
  • Search for data-channel-external-id and look for the value that immediately comes next. For this channel, it’s UCmKdSrwf1e8coqAzUsrVHZw (don’t include the quotes).
  • Tack that value onto the end of this URL
  • Submit the new URL to your RSS reader.
  • For me, i’ve tried on my favorite RSS Feed which is Feedly, and its works!


That’s it. You now have RSS feed for that particular YouTube channel. It’s a bit of work if you have dozens or hundreds of channels that you want to subscribe to, but it’s a nice workaround nonetheless. At least it’s possible for now.

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