Chevereto v3.9.0

Chevereto 3.9.0 (2017-05-23)
– Added animated GIF images listing (explore/animated)
– Added trending content listing (explore/trending)
– Added popular content listing (explore/popular)
– Added recent content listing (explore/recent)
– Added new Explore menu
– Added album views count
– Added album likes
– Added “Upload to this album” button (user/album)
– Added “Create new album” button
– Added select album on upload
– Added forced expirable images for guests (optional)
– Added process lock system to avoid concurrency issues (Universal application)
– Added button to add content when showing empty listings
– Added indication in External storage about Amazon SDK & PHP < 5.5.0
– Added CHV\Listing::getTabs() method
– Added class.lock.php (lock system)
– Added class.shmop.php (shared memory operations)
– Removed privacy toggle from image uploader
– Removed “or cancel” text from image uploader
– Removed random mode button from mobile top bar
– Removed user menu from mobile top bar
– Removed notifications menu from mobile top bar
– Improved image uploader look and feel (CSS styles and animation)
– Improved image uploader translation placeholders
– Improved list item title display (use CSS text-overflow to truncate titles)
– Improved CHV\Stats::track method
– Improved theme styling (minor changes)
– Deprecated reCaptcha v1 support (v2 is supported)
– Fixed bug in ID based file-naming (concurrency issues)
– Fixed bug in user website URL display
– Fixed bug in CHV\Image::uploadToWebsite (album ownership issue)
– Fixed bug in class.image.php (security issue)
– Fixed bug in class.image.php (stats track issue)
– Fixed bug in user settings (private profile issue)
– Fixed bug in user settings (security issue)
– Fixed bug in upload queue handler (file input resetting)
– Fixed bug in upload queue error handling
– Fixed bug in get_image_fileinfo function
– Fixed bug in top-bar styling when using dark tone
– Fixed bug in listings when using 1 as items per page
– Fixed bug in Exif handler
– Fixed bug in image delete (autolike issues)
– Updated G\ to v1.0.37
– Updated Dutch, Finnish, German,Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Russian and Spanish translations

Affected files and folders (from 3.8.13)
– app/app.php
– app/loader.php
– app/content/
– app/routes/
– app/install/
– app/lib/
– app/themes/Peafowl/
– lib/

Check the README.txt file and for install or update instructions.

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