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  • Update : Kallyas WordPress Theme v4.1.6

    Salam.. Last nite, Hogash released the latest Kallyas WordPress Theme v4.1.6. There are so many features had been fixed and new demo content available. So far, I’m not fully utilise the features offered by this theme.. I’m still digging and testing the best of it. #contentfirst #gahaha

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  • Jadual & Tarikh Gaji Kakitangan Awam 2016

    Salam, entri kali ni saya nak kongsikan jadual & tarikh gaji kakitangan awam negara Malaysia bagi tahun 2016. Jadi bolehlah buat perancangan awal mahupun dijadikan rujukan bagi perancangan perbelanjaan isi rumah korang. Keh3x.. [wpdatatable id=2]

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  • Welcome | Selamat Datang

    God willing, at long last I have successfully published my very own official website and with that this simple weblog as a mean for me to share my lifestyle with the whole world. With great pleasure I now declare lazaac’s blog officially opened!

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